Weismann MarineEvery job at Weismann Marine is a new job.

We won't try to sell you "off the shelf soloutions" to your particular requirements, but custom tailor packages from our awesome arsenal of patented technology to your needs. The end result? Custom fitted drive and transmission systems perfectly matched to your specs.. Machined and assembled by skilled craftsmen, hand tuned and tested to leave the competition behind.

Unsurpassed Championship & World Record winning performance is what we deliver. Every day...
We don't just think outside the box - we threw the box out!

What can we build for you?


Technical development

 Weiamann Marine MKIII Drive

We start with ideas. From start to implementation, each design is a carefully carefully thought plan...


Making new ideas...

 Weiamann Marine MKIII Drive

 From ideas to metal.... Your concept is translated into reality and machined to perfection by our team of skilled craftsmen.


Dreams to magic!

 Weiamann Marine MKIII Drive

Start to finish, custom made, and hand built to perfection! Wild ideas become world beating high performance machines.