Weismann Marine  offers a variety of innovative marine transmission solutions, ranging from simple forward/neutral/reverse boxes, to computer controlled, engine integrated, paddle shifted multi-speed designs.


Each design is unique to customer specifications and  specially fit for total performance.  From radical concepts to world class racing to the ultimate pleasure boat.  Duty-specific to all out performance, our winning designs and a proven manufacturing and support formula never fails to deliver the ultimate experience.




S4S – Serralles 4 Speed

Weismann Marine - S4S


WMG 3 speed electric shift semi-automatic with shift on the fly FNR offset transmission

Weismann Marine - WMG 3



WSD Series – Design Specs

  • MK I – No Skeg  / MK II – With Skeg

  • 1000 ft lbs torque over a wide range of speeds

  • 236 lbs without Steering – Low Polar Moment – Better Handling

  • Integral Dry Sump System – High Efficiency – Light Weight Oil

  • Bi – Directional Rotation – Only One Drive Design

  • 10.5 ” Vertical Offset – Low Center of Gravity – Better Handling

  • Steerable and Trimable

  • 2.72 Underdrive to 0.42 Overdrive – Quick Change Ratios – Low Cost

  • No Bevel Gears – Only Spur Gears – High Efficiency – Low Cost

  • Low Maintenance – Easy to work on – No special tools

Weismann Marine WSD MKII Drive

WMD Series/Diesel – Design Specs

  • Designed to handle 1600 lbft of torque – diesel, gasoline, and turbine power.

  • 315 lbs for the Drive and Gimbal – Lower polar moment, better handling.

  • Two Stage Integral Dry Sump System – High efficiency, light weight oil.

  • Rotates in either direction – Drive direction is handled in an internal drop box.

  • 15.0″ X-Dimension from input to output – Lower center of gravity.

  • Steerable and Trimable – Strong, identical steering and trim rams.

  • Spur Gear Drive – Greater efficiency at a substantially lower cost.

  • Serviceable on the boat – Low maintenance, easy to work on, no special tools.

  • Skeg is a Wedge shaped – Hydrodynamically more stable at high speeds.

  • All parts are CNC machined in our factory – High quality and high precision.

The drive can be run sub-surface or full surface and also run with fixed steering and no skeg for speed.  Housings are hard anodized and painted for corrosion protection.
All drives feature a low internal parts count.
  • Plus or minus 20 degrees of steering.

  • 7 degrees of negative trim and 26 degrees of positive trim.

  • The prop shaft is a speed master style 26 T 16/32.

 Weismann MKII Drive